ASL Platform

Market leading low-cost mixed signal and analog test solutions

The ASL test platform is a focused solution for the advanced linear and analog mixed signal markets, specifically addressing the increasing need for power delivery and multisite capability. The streamlined architectural principle of the ASL offers key benefits for the cost conscious linear/mixed signal market.

ASLx - next generation low cost analog test system

Designed for the power management and linear markets, the ASLx provides infrastructure advancements extending the capabilities of the ASL platform, providing power, flexibility and cost conscious options while preserving the overall value based principles of the ASL platform.

The ASLx offers:

    • Low cost of ownership
    • Fully configurable slots for a wide range of mixed signal and linear instrumentation
    • Multisite capability
    • Full compatibility with ASL1000
    • Enhanced visualATE software designed to cut development times
    • Broad portfolio instrumentation to cover all aspects of linear test
    • Increased power and configuration support
    • IMA compliance allowing industry leading instrument use efficiency and flexible test flow strategies
    • Growing installed base at OSATs throughout Asia


The ASL1000 offers:
    • Twenty-one slots for linear and mixed signal instrumentation
    • Lowest cost of ownership
    • Fastest times in the market
    • Fast test program development and debug
    • Same system in engineering labs to production environment
    • Broad range of DC instrumentation available with source/measure currents from pA to tens of amps and voltages from uV to >1kV
    • Air cooled, small footprint, uses standard 100V, 200V outlet
    • Multisite capability
    • Full function manipulator allows wafer level test to final test configurations
    • Huge installed base at OSATs throughout Asia

ASL Platform Resources
ASL1000 Instruments:

ACS - Alternating Current Source
DCC - Data Converter Card
DDD8 - Dynamic Digital Driver
DOAL - Op amp loop card
DVI - Dual Voltage Source
OVI - Octal VI
XVI - High accuracy VI source
MUX - Relay multiplexer card
HVS* - High voltage source
MVS* - Medium voltage source
OFS* - Floating source
PVI - Floating Power VI
LZB - Link Zener programming
LCB - Low current measurement

*ASL1000 only

ASLx Instruments:

All ASL1000 instruments (excluding HVS, MVS, OFS)
plus ....

QTMP - Quad time measurement processor
QFVI - Quad channel, floating power VI
HR - AWG - High resolution waveform generator
HR - DIG - High resolution waveform digitizer
DDP - Mixed signal digital pins
VSX- Four-channel multisite high voltage source