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Handsets, especially multifunction smartphones that surf the web, enable social media communication technologies, play music and take photographs is a significant driver of Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) devices. ASSP/ASIC devices, however, can be found in an extremely broad range of end products, from automobiles to medical devices.

The ASSP and ASIC market segments represent the single largest market for semiconductor test equipment (STE). An ASSP is a semiconductor device that is dedicated for a specific application and sold to more than one user. An ASIC, similarly has a specific application but is designed and built for a specific company.

ASSP/ASIC devices cover a very broad range of end applications and in many different markets and can include a wide range of communication, processing and display technology..

They can be pure analog devices, pure digital devices and everything in between including RF. A sampling of the end markets and typical applications:

        • Engine/transmission monitor/control
        • Safety
        • Infotainment
    Communications (wired and wireless)
        • Cellular terminal, mobile connectivity (LAN, PAN, GPS, FM, TV)
        • SOHO broadband; CM, DSL, homeplug, WLAN
        • Digital media (DTV, STB, DVD, Apps Processors)
        • Hard disk drive and optical disk drive controllers
        • Printer devices
    Display Logic
        • T-CON, LCD Controller
        • Control systems
        • Pacemakers
What should stand out in the above sampling is the diversity of the end markets and end applications. This diversity is directly translated to the test requirements as some devices may require high performance digital, some may require precision RF, some may require embedded memory, some may high power and some a combination of all of the above. Some of the devices may run in very high volume and other devices could be considered low volume/high mix.

The test solution decision is likely to take into account several issues; the need for multi-site test capability, the level of performance of the various instruments in the tester and of course the cost. Semiconductor companies above all are constantly seeking ways to reduce the cost of test. This is as important for ASSP/ASIC devices as it is for any other semiconductor device.

At LTX-Crefdence we offer several products for testing ASSP/ASIC products so that we can match our innovative technology to your production needs ensuring we provide you with a solution that delivers the overall lowest cost of test. Our Diamond and X-Series tester platforms are used for these types of products. Diamondx test system extends LTX-Credence's low-cost, high-throughput production test solution platforms to high pin count, higher site count wireless, mobility, consumer ASSP and microcontrollers. For non-RF SOC devices the Diamond is typically the platform selected, and for devices that include precision anlog and/or RF then X-Series is the system of choice.

Some of the key features of the Diamondx include
    • Universal instrument slot architecture: Allowing easy scaling from single-site to multi-site, from digital only to mixed-signal to RF ASSP configurations
    • Small footprint, making it ideal for lab development and high-volume production
    • PCI-Express2 Data Bus up to 80Gbps bi-direction transfer between system CPU and test-head
    • Concurrent Test Support, enabling the testing of multiple digital ports, SerDes, analog and RF in parallel
    • IMA Compliance; the ability to integrate multiple Diamondx test heads on-site, bringing the ability to scale the test head slot count up to meet pin count requirements of multi-site and or new devices
    • Diamondx can be configured with the following instruments and can accommodate over 5000 pins:
        • 96-channel digital instrument featuring 200 Mbps operation with per-pin timing, formatting, levels, PMUs and scan
        • Audio and Video DSP instrumentation with four channels each of analog source and measure covering audio and video applications, in a single slot instrument
        • DragonRF providing up to 64 precision Vector Ports and 16 parallel measures, enabling simultaneous octal EVM measurements. Additionally a two to one port expander is available for 128 pin RF test
        • 8 Lanes of 6.4Gbps SerDes test; 8 differential receive and 8 differential 6.4Gbps channels with 128M symbol memory and built in jitter generation and PRBS/BER
        • Range of high-density VIs with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage/current source and measurement capabilities, enabling efficient, cost-effective multi-site testing

    Some of the key features of the Diamond include:
      • Interchangeable instrument slots, allowing easy scaling from single to multisite and from digital only to mixed-signal configurations
      • An ultra-small footprint, ideal for lab development or high-volume production
      • 96-channel digital instruments featuring 200 Mbps operation with per-pin timing, formatting, levels and PMUs, along with scan and APG available on any channel
      • DSP instrumentation with four channels each of analog source and measure for both audio and video applications, available in a single slot powerful mixed signal instrument
      • High-density analog instruments with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage/current source and measurement capabilities, enabling efficient, cost-effective multi-site testing
      • IMA Compliance; the ability to quickly reconfiguring the test cell to contain one to n Diamond testers to meet the multi-site test requirements.
      • Singulated or strip test enabled

      Some of the key features of the X-Series include:
        • Market leading 0 pin infrastructure costs designed for performance mixed signal testing
        • Program and DUT site compatibility across the entire platform
        • RF port scalability to 40 ports and 8GHz
        • Full featured mixed signal digital pins, up to 1024
        • Tester-independent feature-rich software environment
        • Broad range of DC instruments
        • DSP instruments support both modulation and DUT-centric testing
        • Signulated or strip test enabled

      No matter the type of ASSP/ASIC device you need to find a test solution for, we have the solution.
      LTXC Solutions Optimized for High Throughput and Performance
      • High density analog and digital instrumentation for testing complex SOCs
      • Focused configurations optimized to deliver lowest cost of test
      • Test platform's small footprint and low power consumption delivers industry's lowest operating costs