The PAx RF PA/FEM System

The X-Series PAx test system has been specifically developed to address the manufacturing test challenges of advanced front end RF devices which require ever more demanding RF test requirements in a competitive pricing environment. The PAx delivers  uncompromised RF performance in a low cost system to meet these demands.

The PAx can be configured to meet the challenging multiband standards of today and in the future. The PAx provides:
    • Single-site or multi-site cost effectiveness
    • X-Series XRF test technology for PA  and FEMs
    • Production ready, proven capabilities
    • Leverages X-Series RF installed base
    • Minimal facility cost structure
    • Maximum production efficiency

PAx Test System Applications

The RF instrumentation on the PAx is suited for a broad range of devices used in WLAN, WiMAX, LTE, CDMA, GSM, Edge, WCDMA, Bluetooth plus a variety of other standards for:

      • Multiband RF Power Amplifiers
      • RF Front End Modules
      • RF Analog System in Package devices
      • Other RF discrete devices

PAx Test System Features
      • New compact footprint (up to 70% smaller)
      • XRF Subsystem
        • Up to 16 Universal RF Ports
        • 100MHz IF bandwidth
        • Large, correlated modulation library
        • Coherent and low noise architecture
        • DSP instruments
        • Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) feature
        • Optional Low Jitter Clock
      • RF Source and Measure:
        • 6GHz standard
        • 18GHz with Scalar Frequency Extender (SFE) option
      • Suite of DC, Digital and Time Measurement Instruments
      • enVision test software environment
      • Full system calibration including RF Auto Calibration kit
      • Compatibility with other members of the X-Series platform
      • Expansion capability for additional instruments
      • Low Power Single Phase facility requirements
      • Integrated Manipulator standard
XRF Subsystem
PAx RF Subsystem, XRF consists of RF Generators, DSP enabled modulations and demodulations and RF Port Modules which are located close to the DUT site. The built-in DSP capability allows real time processing techniques to be used to increase dynamic range.

Dynamic Range Enhancement (DRE) Feature

Dynamic Range >90 db using the DRE feature:
        • Faster test time
        • Faster correlation to bench  data
        • Improved yield

The PAx Tester Resources
RF16D - High performance RF
Low Jitter Clock
SWG-HSB - High performance waveform synthesizer
DIG-HSB - High performance digitizer
HCOVI - High current octal VI
OVI - Octal VI
VI16 - 16 channel VI
DDP - Dynamic digital pins



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