X-Series Platform

Configurations for optimal testing of DSP, power, automotive, mixed signal & RF applications

The X-Series is a comprehensive semiconductor test platform, with industry leading mixed signal and digital instrumentation and configurations that  range from 20 to 80 instrument slots.  X-Series solutions include:

        • Power & power management
        • Automotive switches & sensors
        • Audio: CODECS, amplifiers
        • Printer drivers & motor controllers
        • Automotive microcontrollers
        • DSP: digital, MS, analog
        • Converters: precision, high speed, embedded and audio
        • WLAN, WiMAX, UWB, DVB, LTE, CDMA, Edge, WCDMA, Bluetooth & other emerging standards
        • Multiband RF Power Amplifiers, RF Front End Modules, RF Analog SiP and other discrete RF devices
        • Highly integrated mobility devices, including SiP, SoC and single chip cell phones
        • Wireless baseband

The X-Series test platform offers a range of configurations designed to provide low-cost testing of a broad range of devices used in mobile, power, automotive, industrial and instrumentation markets.  The X-Series has been designed to meet the challenges of testing a broad range of advanced mixed signal device technologies used in these markets.  It offers a large suite of DC, power, DSP, RF and digital instrumentation that can be configured into a true mixed signal infrastructure.  The X-Series offers:
      · Market leading 0 pin infrastructure costs designed for mixed signal testing
      · Cost effective, incremental investment
      · Program and DUT site compatibility across the entire platform
      · RF port scalability to 40 ports and 8GHz (18GHz with Scalar Frequency Extender)
      · Full featured mixed signal digital pins, up to 1024
      · Tester-independent feature-rich software environment
      · Broad range of DC instruments
      · DSP instruments support both modulation and DUT-centric testing


The X-Series is offered in four different configurations, all based off the same instrumentation, software, system architecture and DUT interface.

The major difference between the various configurations is the slots available for instrumentation. The following summarizes the differences between the X-Series configurations:

LX 20 slot system (only difference other than slot count is RF instrumentation not available in LX)

MX 40 slot system

EX 80 slot system

PAx specialized configuration for RF PA and FEM testing that uses same instrumentation as in other X Series configurations (excluding FX digital) and the same DUT board interface.

The X-Series allows you to select the ideal configuration for your specific requirements, providing a flexible solution with the right test performance and the right cost of test for each device in your portfolio.  Each configuration offers a comprehensive portfolio of DSP, DC and power instruments.


The LX configuration is available in a low cost engineering configuration featuring a limited function stand to minimize costs for engineering deployments, or as a complete production configuration.  The production configuration features a full-function manipulator and docking mechanics.  The LX can support up to 256 FX digital pins.


The MX configuration is architected to provide optimal cost of test for advanced RF wireless, power management, computing and automotive devices.  It offers high configurability, with small instrument channel increments, to produce system  configurations with a lower cost of test than competitive platforms.  The MX can support up to 512 FX digital pins.


The EX configuration is uniquely suited for a variety of applications, including mixed signal SOCs such as baseband, DVD, DTV and other digital consumer applications.  Its ability to deliver high pin count and transparent multi-site programs make it ideal for high pin count SOC and SiP device testing.  The EX can support up to 1024 FX digital pins.

X-Series Instrumentation
Some of the innovative instrumentation available for X-Series testers include:

DCTM - The Data Converter Test Module (DCTM)

XRF - High performance RF instrumentation

DragonRF - High performance RF Instrumentation

DC & Power - a comprehensive portfolio of proven DC and power instruments

FX Digital - a powerful, full featured digital pin