Diamond Platform

The value standard for production test of microcontroller and cost-sensitive consumer ICs

The Diamond test platform is a low-cost, high-throughput production test solution for cost-sensitive devices. Its small footprint, minimal facilities requirements and low power consumption drive down cost of operation, and make Diamond ideal for personal use in the lab or office. High-density digital and analog instruments are suitable for testing of DVD player/recorder, DTV and STB demodulators and decoders, baseband devices, PC peripheral SOCs as well as 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers. Diamond offers:

  • Interchangeable instrument slots, allowing easy scaling from single to multisite and from digital only to mixed-signal configurations
  • An ultra-small footprint, ideal for lab development or high-volume production
  • 96-channel digital instruments featuring 200 Mbps operation with per-pin timing, formatting, levels and PMUs, along with scan and APG available on any channel
  • DSP instrumentation with four channels each of analog source and measure for both audio and video applications, available in a single slot powerful mixed signal instrument
  • High-density analog instruments with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage/current source and measurement capabilities, enabling efficient, cost-effective multisite testing

Diamond – The First IMA Compliant Test System

The first LTX-Credence offering using IMA is the Diamond platform. As an example, an IMA tester array using three air-cooled Diamond test systems will provide test capability up to 2,400 digital/analog pins, in a footprint one half the floor space compared to traditional high pin count platforms. Diamond IMA arrays deliver a lower cost of test compared to systems architected to support high pin count resources. Additionally, they can accommodate multi-site applications exceeding 256 devices. Application programs developed on a single Diamond tester are fully compatible with a Diamond IMA array and require no modifications.

IMA tester arrays using Diamond testers are offered in two mechanical formats – X2 (integrating 2 Diamond systems) and X3 (integrating 3 Diamond systems). Using soft docking techniques, the IMA approach can be extended to a maximum of ten Diamond systems integrated together.

Want to learn more about Integrated Multi-system Architecture, or IMA? Click here.
Diamond Resources
All the instruments currently available for the Diamond Platform:

DPIN96 – 96-channel 100Hz sequencer rate, 200Mbps digital instrument.

HDVI – 72-channel high density VI source.

VIS16 – 16-channel precision high-voltage VI source.

DPS16 – 16-channel high current device power supply.

Multi-wave – 8-channel mixed signal instrument providing 4 digitizers and 4 arbitrary waveform generators.